U-Melt and Consider the Source Show

Bowery Ballroom – February 20,2010

The U-Melt record release party for their new album “Perfect World” saw a great turnout last Saturday night.  Consider the Source opened with some hard rocking funky middle eastern jams and pumped up the already full house for 2 strong U-Melt sets.  The first set explored many of the jams on their new album, while the second revisited some old favorites.  (Photos courtesy of Jesse Borrell and Vinny Roccanova)

U-Melt rocks the house with new band member Kevin Griffin on lead guitar and vocals.

Consider the Source doing what the do best.  Make sure to check out Consider the Source April 3 in at Pianos in NYC for a special taping of their new album!

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It’s the dead of winter and the quiet chaos of a storm covers New York City in a soggy blanket of snow and slush.  And while city life may slow down, we here at Cage Free never stop working for you.  Vinny Roccanova and Bobby McDonald are hard at work making your dreams and visions a reality.  So whether you need a production crew for a fiction film, a music video for your band, photos and video for your website or editors for your film we’ve got you covered!